10 Idea For Practical Superpowers

People have done this before so I’m not certain of the originality of my ideas.

  1. Super Sleeper – Sleeping for half the time gives you twice the benefit 2. Sleeping 2 hours would provide the rest of a full night of sleep.
  2. Reverse Tiredness – the more effort you put in the more awake and sharp you become
  3. Memory Questions – you can recall exact memories (as they happened) what you want or need as long as you audibly describe why you want or need it. you get what you ask for literally.
  4. Body Saves – you can save a state and if you get injured or your body degrades you can return yourself to that physical state.
  5. Eye Color Control – you can control how your eyes appear to others
  6. Super Searchers – You get exactly what you are looking for when you search for information online.
  7. Rerethinker – the ability to have numerical generations of how convinced you are of an idea.
  8. Instant Statistics – you can instant;y generate accurate statistics of an event happening as you describe it.
  9. Super Imagination – vivid and detailed imagination in which you can overwrite how you see reality.
  10. Super Communication – people understand exactly what you are saying as you say it. Including people who speak different languages. A person born with this would probably not even speak their birth language correctly.

Well, I’m pushing the side list off again. Sorry for that I haven’t been putting my blog as a higher priority recently but I am reorganizing my schedule (yet again I do this far too often) and will give it a slightly higher priority.

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