10 Reasons Why I Should Hold Myself Accountable

The how is very helpful but sometimes you need the why.
Tomorrow will be reasons I shouldn’t just to be even-handed.

  1. I will feel more complete at the end of the day
  2. I will be pushed to accomplish more
  3. I am more likely to do the things I want to do which take planning or preparation
  4. I can truly be honest
  5. People will trust me more.
  6. It will enable me to be more social
  7. I’ll get to bed on time
  8. I may actually finish things
  9. I will improve my musical skills more quickly
  10. I can take more projects and studies

Still pushing it off and may need to push it off an additional day (as soon as I break a promise I feel less obligated to fulfill it I’ll work on that now that I’ve pointed it out)

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