24 Nonsensical Statment

Because I am just spouting nonsense for today’s post because if I’m writing crap anyway I should enjoy it. Tomorrow I will post a better post unless this one ends up good somehow.

  1. We shall forever advance towards a greater reality
  2. Until one becomes eccentric one must be crazy
  3. True nonsense is only understood by those who hate it
  4. Foward shall be backward and the middle shall remain as such
  5. You are on the bottom rung it is the biggest rung
  6. All nonsense takes its toll
  7. Time remains constant
  8. The past never changes
  9. Success always changes
  10. Responses to many attempts we have taken before
  11. I dream that I can play what never existed
  12. Used to want to be someone who won’t want to have been
  13. Nonsense sometimes becomes sense but sense has alway’s been nonsense
  14. I am not overly effected by framing
  15. Help I can’t get out of the frame my words have created
  16. when one dreams of being a future he despises working towards said future
  17. Claiming nonsense give great freedom for expression
  18. More not less Greater not lesser Foward not backward
  19. Lost found and claimed by the other
  20. Find the dot’s and connect them
  21. Conspiracy involves loss
  22. Humanity is on one rung
  23. The other one’s the other one the other one is he
  24. What is lost in number is found in secret

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  1. Hello. Neym here, this really should be changed to “24 sentences that appear deep on the surface”, then spread all over Facebook. Compile all the reactions, ????, then profit. Whaddaya think?

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