To My Dearest (and only) Father

Tomorrow is my father’s birthday and as such, I am making this for him (as he is one of the 8-16 people who reads my blog). I decided as I have been having trouble sharing valuable or quality posts recently I will practice making the blog more personal.

10 Reasons I Am Thankful For My Father

One of my personal beliefs is that one of the best things you can do for a person is express to them why and how they matter and to appreciate and thank them for it.

  1. He supports me in my projects
  2. He enabled me to grow into who I am today
  3. He Constantly works to help me become better
  4. He wants what is best for me but doesn’t push me into things I don’t want to do
  5. He tried to satisfy my curiosity when I was growing up
  6. He shows interest in my projects (when I share them)
  7. He granted me freedom in life
  8. He provided me a home
  9. He still provides me a home
  10. He gives me space when I need it
  11. He taught me how to ask

All in all, I would like to thank you Aba for all that you do for me and my only desire for you is that you work and accomplish things for yourself. I acknowledge you for all of the above and you have helped us grow into people who don’t need any more help so I wish you the best in helping yourself.

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