Way’s I Can Make People Smile

So what I learned from the last post is that rambling posts help me work through my own issues they aren’t very popular as daily’s1. Or maybe not anyway’s here’s a post for today.

This is not an easy post for me to make right now but I want to make a difference and this is one way to do it (working to make people smile more, writing a post about it is just an early step).

  1. Sharing good jokes
  2. Write uplifting comedy and other content then filter through it and share what is appropriate and good
  3. Play games and assist in leisure
  4. Use comedic wordplay to assist in learning and retention
  5. Give good advice
  6. Going for walks seems to work
  7. Allowing them to share
  8. Being open so that people can distract themselves
  9. Share in their hobbies and passions
  10. Post a higher quality of comedic posts (I will eventually[not never but I am putting other things first])
  11. Share in my success
  12. Comfort through their failures
  13. Give good well thought out gifts
  14. Bringing snacks to social events
  15. Bringing different snacks the next time so that the people who couldn’t have the first snacks for various diet reason can share in these
  16. Being a good example and trying to help

1That or that weekends are high-points attention I should graph that out and see if it beeing the weekend could truly have that much effect. Also, I should track if they are recurring visitors and on what day’s do people normally discover my blog. Regardless yesterday’s post had a grand total of 3 views so I can’t actually make an accurate assessment. I theorize nonetheless

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