10 Reasons And Something They Can Be Excuses For

Greeting new readers (and old readers alike), I have been stressing somewhat about what to post today as I had a spike in readers yesterday and did not want to lose them. Regardless I gained the readers after sharing what has been going on for me personally in life so I decided to return to writing short blurbs such as this one to the beginning of my blog.

Regarding my previous posts, I have been reading books that have given me a better perspective ad am resuming pretty well in my life. A large part of that has had me being far more invested and passionate about other certain aspects of my life. Personally I believe that the emotional struggle has been helping me shape myself into something better but it may just be escapism and seeking things I can sink myself into. Unfortunately, my blog has not been one of those things

Thank you for your attention, here is an accurately yet badly titled post.

  1. I’ve been preoccupied so I couldn’t do {} – I haven’t been managing my time well
  2. I would’ve but I’m not sure what exactly was wanted – I didn’t want to put in the effort of figuring out how to do it/ I didn’t really want to anyway (I have used most of these myself on this blog this list doubles as a self-criticism made to point some things out to myself)
  3. I’m tired – I’ve been staying up late surfing the web {or other related activity}
  4. It’s late and I should get to bed – I’ve been wasting my time /\ and don’t want to get it done
  5. I can’t seem to get motivated – I am unwilling to put in the effort and have been starting my day with far more interesting distractions
  6. It’s boring – I have the personal standards of a three-year-old
  7. I can’t live up to my standards – I don’t want to so I set standards that will make me feel justified in doing so
  8. I didn’t know – I don’t actually care and have just been humoring you
  9. I don’t care – I’m pushing off the responsibility
  10. I don’t want the power – I would rather someone I else drive it into the ground than take responsibility for my potential failure

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