20 More Bad Song Titles (I made up)

I had wanted to write a longer post today but I had procrastinated most of the day away and didn’t complete it in time before my Arabic class. As such, I spent more of today doing Arabic homework and pushing off piano practice (I did practice but less than I wanted too) then writing my post. Really I should take my own advice but I never seem to have the time or (here are the excuses again) to look through my past writing’s and to create a system that works for me. Until then I have been forever rearranging my schedule and my life causing me to do things highly inefficiently. This being the case since I haven’t been truly able to get my life in order on my own I will create a plan and have the people in my life hold me accountable for it. Aa many of them as possible not leaving myself a way out without a good explanation or change.

  1. Song of Singing
  2. Structure of Dissonance
  3. Finely Autotuned
  4. One more minute
  5. 10 more seconds
  6. I would rather 10 years without
  7. In Forests Fall Leaves
  8. Most Apples fall Close To The Tree
  9. Rambling In Action
  10. Mope and Mumble
  11. Mini Miny Moo
  12. Dying While Asleep
  13. Red Between The Lines
  14. Forced To Purne
  15. Mellow Marshall
  16. Lunging For Love
  17. Fine Excisions
  18. Route Rumble
  19. Greeting The Greats
  20. Gibberish In Motion

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