10 Interesting Character Concepts (With some narrative context)

Speaking about escapism and putting things into context here is a list that could inspire (or have been inspired by) either one.
This post will have a different structure than some of my previous posts.

The Last Scribe – a youngish (20 or so just finished his apprenticeship) Scribe (worked copying records) for a relatively isolated kingdom as it gets conquered and absorbed by a bigger more advanced empire in which the printing press has already taken place in society. At first, he attempts to resist the change but soon after he is left essentially useless. all his life spent mastering a well-respected trade which is made useless by the time he reached the job market.

Repeatedly Brainwashed – In a world where there exists a device that can tell if someone truly believes in a cause, there exists a government organization called the DPA(Disaster Prevention Agency). This agency recruits the most nieve and easily convinced children and trains them into special spies. The character in question is one of these spies trained from a young age and convinced that only the system as the DPA can ever accomplish its goals and any other organization no matter how enlightened or advanced will eventually backfire. This agent infiltrates various groups by essentially being brainwashed into their way of thinking and eventually betray’s them to the DPA. A story involving him would explore the rationalizations, explanations, and insanity in the mind of this Spy.

Convinced of Nothing – Some sort of continuation or sequel to the previous entry this is the story of a spy who was able to escape (in this case how she was helped to escape) From the DPA’s brainwashing and this story cover how she tries to escape and become her own individual.

Phil In The Blanks – Phil has no presence, he is was the kid who the teachers forgot during role-call and his friends barely noticed he was there. This story would be written as a documentary as Phil goes over his life and explores what he did and could have done missing entire perspectives on how he could have interacted with people and how his forget-ability was mostly a result of his own actions and inaction.

Peace In My Time – A small country thanks to its effective military strategies and highly defensible geography has been holding off the advance of a large empire for 4 years with great losses on both sides. This is the story of a famous general and war hero who seeing that defeat is inevitable turns sides in order to get better terms for his people and so that less will die in the great war.

Well into 300 – Exploring the story of the first human who reached 300 years of age and the money made and spent, the lifestyle he chose, and the research he funded in order to reach that point.

Last 10 Minutes – Quinton was a top student has a great job and excelled in every system he ever was in. He did such by always arriving 10 minutes before the determined time and always staying 10 minutes to clean up. This would be a story of the conversations Quinton has the dumb questions he has time to ask while in the school system and how the people he met in those 10 minutes made his success.

Liam, Lue, and Leon – Lue is one of a set of triplets with a psychic connection. When they were young (around age 12) Leon died in a tragic accident. As a result of some mystic shenanigans they were able to preserve Leon’s personality and spirit and it shared a body with his siblings. As they grow older they get more and more distant from Leon who is forever in the state at which he died (no hormonal changes or emotional growth) and as Lue goes through puberty he tries to have his own life as his with his living sibling sharing his space and his eternally young dead sibling as a forever child in his head.
Eventually, Liam grows into his own adulthood individuality and loses his (mystic) connection with Leon and Lue. Lue is left with wanting to grow up but afraid that if he stops being a child Leon will be left behind with no one to experience the world through causing him to fade away.

Leon – Leon is dead he is a child and he is desperately split between wanting to continue existing and allowing his siblings to live their life.

Liam – Liam was tired of always being beholden to his sibling being one of three not being an individual. Taking up as many self-destructive behaviors going into therapy improving his grades and his life Liam grows into a functioning adult. Wanting to be defined by what he can do and not by the thought he shared with his sibling Liam decided to master a trade something that required skills that even if you shared his knowledge you wouldn’t have the experience or the steady hands needed to get it done. By the age of 22, Liam has already succeeded in becoming separated from his brothers. Spending his time advancing his craft Liam feels an emptiness where his relationship with his brothers used to be and tries to restore his relationship (not in the mystic sense) with Lue his living brother.

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