10 Less Wise Sounding Quotes

I don’t have much time for a blurb here because I played a game with my brother that had dragged on for 2 hours more then it meant too so the post will be a bit rushed. I would just like to mention that yesterday’s post was better (though potentially less coherent).

  1. Many fail to see what you have seen.
  2. All this your whole experience is unique to you no one before you has ever been the same.
  3. A wise man stays silent when his opponent commits a folly.
  4. Time once lost in growth can be gained in experience.
  5. We remember the short agony despite the long-suffering.
  6. Even a saint’s failure makes someone somewhere happy.
  7. Ownership invites weakness in keeping what is owned.
  8. Never before has anyone succeded where you can.
  9. Partial credit when it is taken for granted is better than full credit when it fails.
  10. Often what seems wise to others is the idiocy of youth.

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