24 Conversation Enders

Hello, to all my newer readers I would just like to point out that I post 6 day’s a week because I don’t use electronics on the holy sabbath for religious reasons. (although I tend to post after Shabbat when Shabbat comes in early as we spend most of Friday cleaning and preparing and Shabbath comes in at night)

This weekend a friend of mine came over for the weekend and overall it was quite relaxing. I played a game of Catan with my family walked around some and ate quite well. Overall it was nice though pretty average.
Now because I believe people actually find me funny to semi-comedic post… (I can probably make this post again without the gimmick but I like trying things)

  1. Farewell, good stranger, it was nice
  2. I would not want to see you twice
  3. Just one last piece of advice, your breath stinks.
  4. To finalize your fine remarks
  5. With great haste, I will depart
  6. Clever of whit heavy of heart, I leave you.
  7. There is nothing more to say
  8. You are finest far away
  9. Now go wallow in your hay, Adieu.
  10. Goodbye truly mister snark
  11. No more time for snide remarks
  12. With this now I will depart, Shush you.
  13. It is late almost tomorrow
  14. Your presence fills me with sorrow
  15. Despite all this, I hold no grudge, now leave me.
  16. This conversation is at an end
  17. I have no insault left to spend
  18. It’s already 2 in the morning.
  19. I will stop just once again
  20. A pox on any you call friend
  21. Depart at once or your face I’ll rend.
  22. To far lands, I’ll go today
  23. From you, I want to get away
  24. If you’ve not gotten what I say, I hate you.

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