An Oft Interrupted Stream Of Consciousness

With Additional Capitalization.

I’ve recently realized that my Blog is having a bit of an identity crisis. Has been having Identity Crises from the moment I began to write it. This began as a way to keep my father updated about my life when he was in the states but that barely lasted a week1. After wanting this to be read more I promised to post every day but that was more to keep me honest as I didn’t Trust myself to stay in action if there wasn’t a constant urgency to keep producing content.

Regardless some of what I have been producing would probably work much better as video or audio content as I sometimes write musically2 but I remain with this format because it is comfortable and easy. Still, I want to improve at least the content delivery system so here… (this is partially inspired by a meetup3 I attended called Your Brand Is Not Your Logo by Matt Davies. It was a great meetup and despite the fact that I attend meetups just to meet people4, I truly learned from and enjoyed5 the content of the meetup/presentation and had quite a few takeaways. Much of what I learned there shall definitely assist in my future endeavors as well as this one.)

10 Things I Can Change/improve in the presentation of my blog (quicky, I will make a better one of these later)

  1. Frontpage redesign, have the posts in blocks that present more text when clicked on.
  2. Frontpage redesign, just colors, and style retaining current text format.
  3. Have a link to best posts and better search features
  4. Have a random list/post button as I sometimes feel my posts would do well to imitate xkcd in presentation.
  5. Have more subpages to push people to (and to remake Not Being A Hypocrite as more than a dump site and to have actually formatting for it)
  6. Pick a site identity I can feel complete and to stop messing around with it after then
  7. Play games with my site identity in attempts to build interest
  8. Create a future post’s voting page.
  9. Time my uploads to the same time every day
  10. Create a central message or greeting to begin my posts with to create a better sense of continuity.
  11. Occasionally point people to the posts which happened to come the best and to continue some of my old series/projects here

1heck the domain was meant for something else entirely at this point I just try to live into the framing.
2I have a speech cadence and tune in my head that affects the humor.
3wish I had a more appropriate word for here.
4With little regard for the content presented
5part of my blog’s problem is that I have trouble balancing these.

I had moved most of what I had originally put in parenthesis into footnotes still experimenting with this.

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