12 Unlikely Occurrences

I’m not putting in much effort into this one as my mind is preoccupied.
You are free to steal any of the good ideas I post here (on this blog) unless otherwise specified I wouldn’t be able to tell that they are good otherwise.

  1. Lions get reintroduced into Israeli habitat and fall right back into their historical biological niche.
  2. Critical thinking is made part of the educational curriculum without being subverted by misapplied systems of measurement. (as I can’t seem to elucidate cleary at the moment I tried to communicate that the ways we measure educational achievement tend to become more of the focus then what they are supposed to measure)
  3. Governments stop funding failed programs instead of just dumping more money in.
  4. The (1st world) everyman actually takes significant steps to limit his everyday pollution.
  5. My blog gains a consistent theme.
  6. People get it through there thick heads that this isn’t the way you convince people, you moron.
  7. A third party gets elected in any first world country.
  8. We stop being so bloody obsessed with politics. (correction I stop being so bloody obsessed with politics and actually share my more controversial opinions on this blog)
  9. We start mining asteroids for precious metals and it becomes cost-effective.
  10. We create an aquarium in space.
  11. Pop-culture will gain a proper appreciation for Real Music
  12. Longhand writing will come back into common use with hyper sensitive computer connected writing pads/mouse things.
  13. I will stop trying to subvert myself

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