10 Ideas For Fried Deserts

I had wanted to make a more complex post regarding religion but it wouldn’t necessarily work with the framing as it would likely trigger the backfire effect (I have pretty strange religious opinions and I don’t want to offend people with understandings that may change in the future) as such I am doing a post about being creative with food (a skill I would like to be better with and I had to make something).

  1. Mouse tails – Pasta dipped in a mix of honey and spices fried in a ball of dough (with a noodle or tail sticking out)
  2. Fried Leaves – Dipped in the honey spices mixes from earlier (I had too preferably thicker leave or cactus leaves after being juiced)
  3. Fried Fruit Fills – Fruit filled fried dough balls with the honey mixture from earlier (I really liked how it turned out)
  4. Berry Bellies – Similar to the last one without the honey but with a better name.
  5. Caramel potatoes – potato latkas with mixed with eggs in order to better hold its shape then having sugar sprinkled on top in order to form some caramel
  6. Cubed potatoes – potatoes cut into cubes fried than dipped into something sweet or spicy
  7. Fried Pineapple – nothing else is needed
  8. Cheesy Chippers – Thinly sliced potatoes melted in cheese (because I am out of both ideas and time)
  9. Chocolate covered leaves – just copying myself same as the fried leaves but with chocolate
  10. Ladies Leggings (just for the name) – Long strips of fried dough layered so it’s dough honey (whatever filling is wanted really) dough

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