10 More Random Sentance Haikus

Greetings to the many and the few, I have gotten back into recent(ish) history so I began reading Rise And Fall Of The Third Rich by William L, Shirer, and to not become too reactionary in response I began to listen to a podcast about the Russian revolution1 and its followup. As such expect a few inspired lists sometime soon. But for now, I’ll try to get the hang of this… (for the sake of haikus I am allowing myself to communicate facts I believe to be untrue this post is being constructed primarily for the sake of reader amusement and not to communicate accurate facts)

  1. The clock within this blog and the clock on my laptop are 1 hour different from each other.
    • Timezones are a snag,
      All my readers dwell in Prague,
      An hour’s flight away
  2. Standing on one’s head at job interviews forms a lasting impression.
    • I’m plain as could be,
      To stand out creatively,
      How I broke my nose
  3. Smoky the Bear secretly started the fires.
    • Smokey is a bear
      Says no fires we don’t care,
      So he made some too
  4. He enjoys practicing his ballet in the bathroom.
    • He was one time bad,
      Prancing dancing fancy lad,
      Prove himself he did
  5. He had accidentally hacked into his company’s server.
    • Company layoffs,
      New hire was not up to snuff,
      Still, he found our stuff
  6. When motorists sped in and out of traffic, all she could think of was those in need of a transplant.
    • Had a broken heart,
      Motorists sped in the dark,
      One did speed no more
  7. There’s an art to getting your way, and spitting olive pits across the table isn’t it.
    • Never got his way,
      Tried again and failed today,
      Now he’s cleaning up
  8. There’s a reason that roses have thorns.
    • Roses have thorns so too,
      Not be touched by me or you,
      Yet we have them here
  9. The tortoise jumped into the lake with dreams of becoming a sea turtle.
    • One tortoise did drown,
      Woke from dream was not around
      Sea turtles still swim
  10. It doesn’t sound like that will ever be on my travel list.
    • Never will go there,
      Am afraid of purple hair,
      Californa no

1The Revolutions podcast most recent series. Great podcast 3 thumbs up.

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