12 Justifications* For A Death Cult

*Reasons they believe what they believe, why good people would want others like them to die, etc

This list has been inspired by some news I consumed (I am yet unsure of its trustworthiness) and my friend pointing out that the subject would be something interesting to make a list about (one that can help construct perspectives… or not regardless I am not promising complete originality for this list as perspective is often shared). Some of these will seem more reasonable than others, that is the purpose of this post, exploring where, when, and why we resort to similar arguments and the way’s absolute utilitarianism can turn bad.

  1. All living things have souls and our (humankind’s) existence causes the death of many just so that we can continue living.
  2. Humankind is a stain on a beautiful natural ecosystem.
  3. Life contains more suffering than positive achievement as such it is better for people to not live.
  4. People are greatest when rising out of tragedy the greatest tragedy is the death of a loved one.
  5. A life filled only with contentment and happiness is no life at all we must maximize the human experience.
  6. The messiah will only come when humanity needs him the most; all will be better after the messiah and human suffering shall be a thing of the past. As such causing the point of utmost need now will prevent future more suffering than it causes. (bringing about the end time can also be an excuse)
  7. Some problems are ignored until they can no longer be. we must cause great disasters so to highlight the flaws and corruption in our current disaster relief and prevention systems so that those in power will do what must be done.
  8. Most people are inherently stupid or incapable of tasks required for their survival and their continued life is but a drain upon our the rest of humankind. (Also one of the most common justifications for eugenics)
  9. (Assuming heaven and hell exist) we should be willing to go to hell to help the largest number of people pass unto heaven before they have the chance to sin.
  10. (Assuming we live in an entirely physical universe, an athiest anti-religious death cult, some of the previous entries can also fit into this category) There is no inherent value to human life other than potential production in the future; that being the case there can and do exist humans who both practically and statistically (statistics can be a big risk if misapplied) are not worth the cost.
  11. There exists a group of people whose greatest goal and purpose is the collapse of all we hold dear. Anyone even if they are only tangentially related to that way of thinking are of such great threat to our way of life that they must, Must be removed.
  12. Our value is only as great as how we are remembered and our impact on the world said we must maximize that impact.

I am still somewhat set in a value-based mindset and until I get out of it it shall partially reflect in my posts. Regardless much of the what I have written here works regardless or can have the word value switched out for a different measure (My focus on measures is part of the value-based mindset I am in). I wish you much luck, and success in most things you do (if I wrote “all things” here I might be condoning actions I find detestable)

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