12 Political(ish) “Sound”-bites

Today was there were Israeli elections again, the third time in a row because nobody seems to be able to construct a majority government. I voted here and despite being mostly a single-issue voter (I voted for a small party with a narrow focus) as I wasn’t that involved in local political news. I still believe I can make this list.
I will probably express my somewhat extreme anti-establishment tendencies and slight right leaning biases (the political media consumed in my surroundings is right-leaning so that affects what comes most easily to mind). Also, I am extremely resistant to the idea of strategic voting and believe it is a pox on modern political systems. Now that I’ve checked my biases (sort of) on to the list…

  1. When voting a bill or regulation into effect we should always remember that it will probably stay in effect indefinitely.
  2. Corruption is like rest it forms when a system is exposed to oxygen.
  3. There are costs we have to pay for a functioning society and the benefits of {policy x} far outway any losses. And (said no politician ever) in 10 years {policy x} shall be put out of use for a more modern and appropriate policy that will fit the needs and conditions of the day.
  4. I shall reunite our country when everybody votes for me.
  5. Strategic voting is but a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  6. We need strategic voting because the average person doesn’t have the time or attention to have a nuanced opinion on simple issues.
  7. The issue is incredibly nuanced but I have thought it all out and have a perfect top-down solution to climate change.
  8. Obesity is greatly detrimental to the health of the nation so we must either subsidize all medicare or try to make people’s decisions for them. (both extremes that are both common sandmen and common arguments by people who only have an opinion on the matter because their party of choice has an opinion on the matter)
  9. Everyone in your community is voting for me so you should vote for me too. You like your neighbor he is a wise well-educated individual and he has a bumper sticker that supports me. You don’t want to be a social outcast, do you?
  10. I don’t care if you vote for me but if he gets elected…
  11. To only the best elements of our nostalgically remembered childhoods and past. Let us return to that time.
  12. There are always special interests and when we give power to the government we give power to the people who own it.

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