12 Attempts At Stentences Which Communicate Absolutely Nothing

I’ve been getting too political lately and as I’m not yet willing to even say who I voted for I’ll change the subject. (Also I’ve been rethinking my opinions again.)
So for now, here is a mandatory post. Hope you enjoy.

  1. As time passes atoms move.
  2. Ignorance is inevitable.
  3. All things that are, happen to be.
  4. I will do something.
  5. You will do as I will remember.
  6. Abstraction is a concept that exists.
  7. I am a human being who was descended from other humans.
  8. There is no difference between 10 and 12 they are both numbers.
  9. Lies are said at times.
  10. This is a truthful statement as long as you believe it to be. (not communicating nothing but I like this and I would have forgotten to put it into a later list)
  11. You already know that this sentence will end.
  12. It may be easy to play with language or it may not be.
  13. I struggle to say nothing because I attempt to self-reference and amuse.

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