10 Ideas For Encyclopedias

Physical and digital. I could have done better with this list but am still getting back into the hang of things and even if this isn’t up to snuff it is leading into my more enjoyed posts.

  1. The most agreed upon Facts – the bases of all conversations
  2. Political opinions by occurrences in countries.
  3. All common musical patterns in pop music
  4. Encyclopedia of expired intellectual properties
  5. Great works no longer in use or existence and their history (everything from the great library of Alexandria to Old Penn station to the constitution of the Weimar republic)
  6. Encyclopedia of historical beds and where people slept through history
  7. All disproven scientific studies and pop science
  8. All political belief held through history
  9. Encyclopedia of what is considered classic in what country (open source digital etc)
  10. All required reading in schools by region over what time they were required

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