10 Slippery Slope(ish) Arguments

Most of these are meant to be somewhat fallacious and satirical as I have been making a lot of these arguments recently in my daily life and would like to experiment with how I can go wrong so that I can better avoid it. I will also make some decent arguments here but only one assumption has to be wrong in order for the argument to end up being ridiculous. I probably won’t communicate that clearly in this list as I am not giving myself that much time to write it.

  1. Teaching hygiene among the young will cause a super plague – If you teach or encourage hygiene in schools it will lead to a population more worried and afraid of keeping clean and increase the number of germophobes. The lack of exposure to germs will lead to a less robust immune system, far more uses of antibiotics and antibacterial washes and medicines, and cause superbugs to form far sooner. This will eventually cause most of humanity to die out to a super plague.
  2. Proper mouth hygiene leads to bad diets – Encouraging proper mouth hygiene and providing dental care often to youth. will cause children not to be taught or learn what foods are bad for their teeth and to care less as they are taught that if they act in certain ways they normally wouldn’t as they know that their teeth can be fixed.
  3. Making your bed will decrease productivity -Teaching people to make their beds in the morning will lead to people spending more time getting themselves ready and making the place around them nicer this will lead to a better appreciation of a clean and well-organized environment, leading people to spend far too much time making their environment nice and not actually getting important stuff done causing a decrease in productivity. (I could also argue a more conservative worldview but my understanding of personality in politics is not something I wish to reveal)
  4. Walking will lead to global warming – Walking being a health exercise wich both energizes people and often nurtures greater respect appreciation for the world around us. Constant walking also make travel and exploration easier and the appreciation for beauty will lead to a greater desire to travel and us to burn more carbs causing increased appetite causing global warming from both increased food production, increased plane traffic and faster deterioration of natural parks as people will be moving through them more and disturbing the local fauna.
  5. How drinking more water will cause deleterious health effects – We often don’t drink enough water and probably should drink more often instead of drinking other less healthy fluids. As we drink more water and start worrying about drinking enough water we will become more aware of our thirst and more worried about dehydration. This will also lead to a nocebo effect causing us to feel less healthy when thirsty. we will drink more water and a slight increase in stress also will cause us harm. If we successfully rationalize our behavior and avoid the previous deleterious health effects we can still suffer from increased bladder issues and may even develop long term health defects as a result.
  6. Having fulfilling work-life leads to more depression in the surrounding society – Individuals with a fulfilling work-life tend to be happier wealthier and healthier than there less fulfilled and unemployed peers. This leads to greater income inequality and a general sense of not having made it for all of us who aren’t so damn lucky and they should stop showing off and pushing it in our face and instead struggle to find meaning like the rest of us.
  7. Sleeping indoors leads to an increased number of cases of rabies – sleeping indoors causes us to be less worried and more protected from animals. people who sleep indoor also provide a small measure of trust for their pets and allow them to infiltrate our most private places and sleep in our beds. This makes us accustomed to occasionally getting scratched by our pets. and as the symptoms of rabies don’t appear until it is too late to do anything about them this also affects the animals close to us. As opposed to sleeping outside where we are paranoid form any creature that may approach us and we take proper precisions to keep them away not limited to culling all dangerous species that can infect us.
  8. Writing posts on a daily bases causes a general decrease in grammar – those who write rarely and occasionally spend a lot of time and effort making sure their communication is clear. Meanwhile for those who write daily posts or articles often take shortcuts and stop become overconfident regarding the quality of their writing. this leads to longer posts with less focus on each word increasing the chance of making grammatical errors and being seen and read often by the people who view such things also cause a lapse in a grammatical sense among their audience.
  9. Spending time with your kids leads to an early grave – People who spend a lot of time with there family causes a greater connection and possibly a more personalized last will and testament. This encourages children to be more aware of their inheritance and more likely to try and kill their parents for it. this can also lead to meeting your children’s friends and romantic interests and you are far more likely to be murdered by someone you know than someone you don’t.
  10. Trying to see where you fail can lead to less self-awareness – as we examine our potential failure we become confident in our ability to avoid them. In addition to this, we often make mistakes on classifying the errors we made in our simulations and approach problems from a more confident perspective. This will lead to more confident decision making and approaching our problems with more focus this leads to a more result-based mindset and leaves us less aware of what we actually are doing.

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