12 Bad Kids Books Ideas

Here I am falling into what is somewhat comfortable.

  1. The deep dark well – and what’s inside
  2. Finny the Friendly Ferret Finds Food
  3. Mythology is dark and scary – an introduction for children
  4. You shouldn’t talk about politics around the dinner table
  5. How to avoid being indoctrinated by your parents and teachers
  6. Minny the paranoid cat
  7. A Right Turn Into A Dark tunnel – overcoming your fear of the dark
  8. Math Can Be Fun – without numbers
  9. Not Yet Empty – how to squeeze out the last bit of juice in the box
  10. Learn Music Now – or you will never have good pitch
  11. You’re Not Crazy – answers to the questions they weren’t telling you
  12. Talking to strangers – how not to be lonley

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