12 One Line Riddles

Continuation from yesterday. I would say these are crappy riddles but I’ve looked up some examples online. I haven’t kept that well to the idea of 1 line so I went for one sentence… kinda. Now to get on with it…

  1. I ride the wind I’m by the sea, I’m everywhere once you see me. (Except in construction)
  2. An opening to dread disease but rarely do I cause a sneeze I am small and soon forgotten, a brush with death but not very often.
  3. Some eat tigers some eat mice, one was full of bad advice.
  4. Some say the earth is round some say it looks like this, it brought music round and round we call it a…
  5. For us to live one’s not enough we can’t build wide we will build up.
  6. Shining sun we do not see, in the face of tragedy, even in times of happiness we see when people don’t have this.
  7. Something I produce at times, when not focusing on rhymes, often though my work is quick, far too short to be seen as this. (Because I will put a self-reference even in this list)
  8. All-new systems this describes often though it’s full of lies, the children with this we teach, they’ll think like us after this.
  9. One thing we notice when we lack, teachers writing on a plack.
  10. A fraction, a coin, a measure of volume, and one part of this.
  11. Music wordplay and too type, without this I would have no life. (self-deprecating self-reference this time I still need to figure out how to make this funny it shouldn’t be as hard as it is)
  12. One of us or one of them there always will be groups of them.

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