10 More Bad Song Ideas

Hello, dwellers and tourists of the interweb. Today I went out with my family then spent a few hours trying to write a song in Arabic as an exercise for my spoken Arabic course. I ran into quite a few problems drawn from trying to write something rhythmic in a language I am not very familiar with and after a few drafts decided I would go with a very simple refrain(chorus) that has me ending every verse with the same two words. I missed the opportunity to use these lists in its construction so here is a quicky…

  1. Countries with silly superpowers – a comedic song covering the special abilities of certain countries for example in the US of A…
  2. All we have is made from corn – a semi-educational song about how corn is used to make so many things in the US.
  3. Legends Tell – Parody song.
  4. The time is nigh – a song about someone finally putting in the effort
  5. Bad ideas – a song about repeated failures and the final success
  6. Getting on with it – a song about giving up on repeated bad ideas to actually put in the work to make something work.
  7. Wideboys – a story about the joys of getting fat with friends.
  8. Red Dogs And Yellow Cats – a song about nostalgia and childhood pets
  9. Eating Illegal gum – a song about a tourist who goes to various countries where some things are illegal just because they want to get arrested
  10. I will be the best (with you) – a song about succeeding together

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  1. For some reason I can only conceptualize “Wideboys” as being a full-on brag-rap song. I’m out to make it a thing, wish me luck.

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