I Have Risen To The Greatest Of Heights (not really)

Still working on the song thing I trying to find the proper ways of ordering words in Arabic.
ten ways of communicating the same information and sometimes more.

  1. To the greatest of heights, I have risen.
  2. I have risen and have reached the greatest of heights.
  3. At the greatest of height which I have risen to.
  4. At the greatest of heights, I wished to rise further.
  5. I have been rising and am now at the greatest of heights.
  6. I have finished rising to the greatest oh heights.
  7. If I rise any more I will arrive at the bottom of everything.
  8. I have nowhere else to rise to.
  9. I Have been at the greatest of heights and will rise to there again.
  10. I have risen and risen even higher until there was nowhere else to rise to.


    1. I am somewhat fluent in HTML5 but one of the first things I learned was “not to reinvent the wheel” so if something is done elsewhere I use that as a base…

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