20 posts I Could Make

Last time I made something of this sort it inspired a few more posts but I’ve run out of ideas again so I gotta come up with a few.

  • 12 Consequences of reactions to Covid-19 in {insert country here probably Israel but maybe the USA}
  • 10 Rational sounding justifications for extremist political ideologies (I will try to cover as varied a group of ideologies as I can)
  • 12 Reasons you should write good comments
  • 10 ways good comments can improve the quality of the post
  • 12 Commonly used words that often mean nothing
  • 10 Uses of words or other verbal communications which do not have any meaning of itself
  • 12 Ideas for foods to put in a cake (because we All Know how good I am with food)
  • 10 arguments for the existence of copyright in its current form (country-specific)
  • 12 small changes that can be made to copyright (legal status)
  • 10 arguments against the existence of copyright in its current form (country-specific)
  • 12 Low-cost alternatives to household items (but how much is your time worth)
  • 10 Reasons alternating numbers can be hard on the eye
  • 12 Times attempts to stick to a theme hamstrung a project
  • 10 Reasons using “high-class” language is a good thing
  • 12 Observations on how to explain things like taste or smell
  • 10 Reasons using “high-class” language is a bad thing
  • 12 Reasons to seek out struggle
  • 10 Moral reasons for lying
  • 12 Things I should do so that I have more information to communicate using this blog
  • 10 Moral reasons we shouldn’t lie

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