12 Questions Inspired By The Toilet Paper Run

  1. In places where there is a run on toilet paper why isn’t there are run on canned foods, tissues, baby wipes, and other commonly used items?
  2. Do we treat commonly used items such as toilet paper and food as infinite?
  3. What causes us to reevaluate the scarcity of an item and does it have any effect on other similar items?
  4. Are there any health benefits of using certain brands of toilet paper over others?
  5. Is the importance of cleanliness a cultural thing or is it a feature of humanity as a specie? (why am I having trouble communicating)
  6. What are the long term consequences of hoarding on a market?
  7. Is there a relationship between affluence and toilet paper usage?
  8. What would I pay for the comfort of toilet paper if I didn’t have it?
  9. Will people use the information available on the internet to create a toilet paper substitute if they don’t have toilet paper?
  10. Why wouldn’t we think of using the information available on the internet for things such as toilet paper? (it is the biggest repository of information we have and it isn’t that hard to find the information you want)
  11. Where did the toilet paper run start who started it and what is so special about toilet paper?
  12. Will the hoarding of toilet paper cause a drop in future sales and affect the success of the company in general? (a fall in sales or profits looks bad to investors)

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