12 Self Targeted Questions

I had the idea for 4 different posts to write today and I didn’t write them because I thought they would be too much effort for material my readers(you) aren’t really here for so I would like to request that you (yes you, less than a hundred people actually see this and your opinions really matter to me) comment on my posts I would prefer constructive criticism but even if you say if you like it or not would be a huge help for me. Thank you in advance you are free to use anything I’ve posted here for whatever purposes you wish (unless explicitly stated otherwise or to harm otherwise). And if you do so in order to publish or post anything online, please credit this blog (or credit me as I.M.H or i@herz whatever really as long as I can tell I had a positive effect).

  1. Why am I so hungry for attention?
  2. Why is fame so desired? is it a desire to be the top of the tribe?
  3. Why despite my desire for attention am I unwilling to do anything to really get it? (Manly fear but what am I afraid of)
  4. What percentage of my posts are actually entertaining?
  5. How many of my posts are actually valued by the readers?
  6. Are those posts the same as ones that actually provide value for the readers?
  7. Am I getting the most out of my time and effort by posting everyday? (except for Friday)
  8. Does the consistency of posting every day be of value to the people who read this or would they prefer more polished content?
  9. How can I differentiate between my good ideas and my bad ideas when they would take too much effort to implement to check them all?
  10. Is this post worth reading especially because a lot of it is a thinly failed request for feedback? (From people who aren’t family)
  11. Should I continue to advance or reference early posts that none of my readers will probably ever read or have ever read? (because I am both embarrassed by how bad some of them are, how some of my best ones that I haven’t been up to the level of, and how I don’t know which are which)
  12. Will posting about my embarrassment make me more endearing to my readers, or be useful self-reference tools for me, or am I just pitying myself and should I just stop it?

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