12 Ideas For Questions Meant To Provoke Discussion (kinda)

I haven’t done this before so it probably won’t be worded so well as I’m trying to make my posts easier to react to. Since I’ve been begging for reactions recently. So I may as well try to make posts that provide more room for interaction.

  1. Why do you support {Insert charity group or political party here} party? Do you agree with everything they stand for or do you support their stance on a few particular topics and trust them because of that?
  2. What are you willing to sacrifice in order to achieve your goals that you aren’t doing and why?
  3. Do you eat the same thing for breakfast every day? when did you first begin eating that…
  4. How are you actually, I really want to know? Why don’t you want to tell me? don’t you like talking about your life on the internet?
  5. When did you first discover this blog and why? (not really in with the theme but I want to know,)
  6. Why do you read this blog? what is your favorite blog and why do you follow that? (I want to know what I’m doing right)
  7. Is presenting a large number of questions or a large variety of information conducive to learning or to causing reactions within the readers or is the bullet point format for content often intended to encourage thought counterproductive?
  8. Is it I being creative if my “new” ideas are produced somewhat formulaically (for example a lot of my self-referencing list entries)
  9. If you could only stock up on one, non-food/water, perishable (toilet paper, tissues, soap, etc) what would it be?
  10. In a society where productivity is the highest value would entertainment media be valued as a societal-good or a societal-evil?
  11. Are farts funny? And are inappropriate jokes good ice-breakers or do they set the wrong frame? (I had something simple and then aI had to ruin it)
  12. What interests you more than anything else?

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