12 Reasons I Should Start My Day Earlier (wake up earlier as well)

Because the posts I write earlier in the day are more often my better posts. I hope you can use this to convince yourself if it will get you closer to where you want to be… But as usual, it’s late I’m tired and I didn’t write something yet today so here’s a post…

  1. I’ll spend less of the day stressed as I won’t be worrying about what I still haven’t done.
  2. I’ll be more focused when working on semi creative projects as I will have more time to spread them across and be able to take brakes between them if I lose focus.
  3. I’ll be able to be done with the things I “need to do” (self-prescribed mostly I’m currently in self-quarantine {I was in “contact” with an infected person}) before midday and be able to go about my day with more freedom
  4. I will develop a habit of waking up early to get stuff done.
  5. It may fix my sleeping habits because eventually, I will be so tired that I go to sleep earlier or I’ll take naps in the middle of the day.
  6. I’ll be able to walk the dog when it’s sunnier out. (relax I live in a town in the middle of nowhere I can walk the dog out on a hillside away from civilization. the dog besides I didn’t even touch the person with whom I was in the same room who apparently had the virus at the time. besides, I’ll be out of quarantine in a few days anywhere)
  7. I’ll have more room to socialize (once I can) and an excuse to leave early if I want.
  8. I won’t have too much trouble adapting back into normal society (once it becomes a thing again) as I’ll already have good work habits.
  9. I’ll produce better blog posts as I won’t be rushing to finish them before it officially becomes the next day or I want to get to bed.
  10. I will be able to more fully complete my day as if anything comes up later in the day I won’t have anything else to get done.
  11. In addition, it will help me develop the habit of getting things done as they come up and not pushing them off.
  12. I’ll sleep better as I’ll be able to either get up with the sun or at least wake up at a consistent time. Aso I won’t have as much blue light exposure before I get to bed.

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