A 10 Step Program For Getting Stuff Done

I have not started my day as early as I wanted to. But despite starting this late I’ll do what I can to keep this interesting. But I’m trying something new today so please tell me what you think…

  1. Prepare – Make sure your working space is organized and that you have what you need to start it.
  2. Start – Stop preparing you’ve been pushing it off for far too long already. Now, just you just have too start.
  3. Avoid Optimism┬ábias – What could go wrong… Do a pre-post-mortem if in a year (or whatever appropriate measure of time) it was an absolute failure why would that be.
  4. Avoid Pessimism bias – you have what to offer even if it is just time, effort, and attention, address your excuses now see what they will be. You are still at the beginning you can avoid the problems and get it done. If you followed the previous steps you are already ahead of most people.
  5. Work – now all that is needed is time… and effort… and time… and effort… And you have no attention that is an excuse so…
  6. Reorganize – take a few days off, no more than a week. Then go over steps 3 and 4 again this as well should take you no more than a week. After this take another week planning out and this time give yourself breaks.
  7. Network – have the people around you hold you accountable, you’ve put enough effort into getting this done see what you can hire people to do online. See what has already been done. And evaluate what is worth your time and what you can get someone else to do (or pay them to if you have the money).
  8. Work Smarter – work, have propper well-timed breaks, front load your work for early in the day and week, expect problems but you can solve them. remember you have access to a huge amount of information (you have the internet) and avoid getting distracted too early in the day.
  9. Present – it’s as good as it will get, for now, show it to others/ try to implement it, get the crash testing out of the way. It doesn’t need to be perfect it just has to work.
  10. Complete – make something that works well. Polish up the obvious errors make sure not to lose too much, drop what doesn’t work. Have something complete you can perfect it later
  11. not everything is done after these ten steps you may want to add some things and remove some things you may need to fix a few small errors but you got it complete you sh.ould be proud of yourself

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