10 Ideas I Could Come Up Within 10? Minutes

Because I have underestimated how much time I need to put into other projects and I forgot to write a post.

  1. Stuffed animals made for stuffed animal fights (pillow fights. you throw them at each other kids love it but the plastic eyes sometimes get in the way)
  2. a distance-based keyboard – you type by pressing on the first key than what the key’s you type are entered on their location in relation to each other. There would be a built-in setting to shift all letters by one space to the left (or right or whatever) so to help people who touch type. This will probably come in the form of auto-correcting software.
  3. A podcast covering the worst crimes/wars you never heard of – It would be called something like, China, Timor, and the wars in Africa.
  4. An easy outline on how to make lists so I’m not left scrambling.
  5. Giant Clay Model Cars
    • Ahhhhhhhh I’m running out of time
  6. 12 lists I truly promise to write this time.
  7. Special door flaps put under the top and bottom of the door to prevent heat loss in cold environs.
  8. Exotic Alcoholic Beverages made by fermenting exotic fruit than sold as scare special and rare with a huge markup.
  9. The children’s book of scary things which can’t actually hurt you. (because what doesn’t hurt you makes you stronger)
  10. Making 2 lists on Thursday so that this doesn’t happen again.
  11. One of the previous entries probably doesn’t count so – a solid definition or series of definitions I can use in order to define what can go on one of these lists. Or at least when an additional entry is required to make the list complete(in a sense).

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