Thinking About Exercise

I have no clue who is my audience (other than my family who read this). So I hope you enjoy this, I hope yesterday’s rushed bit was at least somewhat enjoyable to read, and I hope I can provide some benefit (even if only entertainment) to the people who read this. (I also hope more people will read this but that is a Me problem). In addition, if there is any interest, today’s post would benefit greatly from some discussion in the comments. (I’ll participate too) and if you would like a better forum for discussing hypotheticals of the sort let me know and I will find/create one and link it below.
Regardless I don’t normally exercise as much as I should so…
10 Hypotheticals regarding exercise

  1. How would we use social media, if we were constantly bombarded with adds or notifications about how exercise makes us feel better, or how sitting is bad for our backs, (focusing primarily on how it makes us feel,) or, if we’re using our phones something about carpal tunnel syndrome and eyestrain.
  2. If there were breathing exercises that had the same practical effects as normal exercise, including the exhaustion and physical discomfort (strain) but could be performed while sitting down or while performing another action would we exercise more? Or would we do it for a few weeks then decide that it is too tiring.
  3. Would you exercise more if you were taught how in school?
  4. If you could discover the best way to exercise to get certain results and you knew how much, how often, and at what intensity to do so how would it affect your (and let’s be honest my) behavior?
  5. If movies had more accurate portrayals of what it took to get fit and the only characters who were fit in movies would be the ones who deserve it according to the circumstances would that actually make people feel better about their bodies? Or does an unrealistic expectation of results encourage us to exercise?
  6. Would people who exercise as much if muscle memory didn’t kick in?
  7. Would people exercise more if it was we knew how to exercise with proper form? Or would that lead to greater difficulty for people who are starting to exercise more consistently leading to fewer people exercising but those that do being more healthy?
  8. If people had a better sense of rhythm would “exercise music” be more effective.
  9. If all (at least all people surrounding you [or me?]) people learned an instrument at a young age would the practice methods transfer over to exercise habits.
  10. As many of the hypotheticals listed above are things that can be implemented into someone’s personal life. Would anyone reading one of the above Hypotheticals and believing that it would have a positive effect on their exercise habits actually put in the effort of making it real for themselves?

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