24 Breakfast Snack Names (70% Percent Accurate)

  1. Funky Crunchies
  2. An Apple A Day Breakfast Cereal
  3. Re-meal Fresh Fruit Flavors
  4. Intermittent Water
  5. Respectfully Modest Fried Corn Flakes
  6. 27 Letter Alphabet Sweets (With Punctuation Included)
  7. Lovey Doveys
  8. Sodium Free Mini Sweet Pretzel
  9. Spicy Buttercups
  10. Pre-meal Calorie Free Water
  11. Goaty Toasties
  12. Lental Snacks
  13. Daily Dose Of Diabetes
  14. All-Natural Special Edition Premium Toasted Bread Platinum Teeth Edition: with the perfect balance of wheat, charcoal, yeasts and you won’t believe it’s not buttered.
  15. All-Natural Smoked Greens
  16. All-Natural Calorie-Free Chinese Spotted Bat
  17. Tree-meal Realistic Fruit
  18. Bark Is Actually incredibly Good For you So Eat These Premium Bark Snacks
  19. Donut Filled Donut Snacks (20% Real Donut)
  20. Still edible after being hidden in the back of the cabinet for who knows how long Sugar-Free Dried Plums (warning tastes like sugar-free plums)
  21. Entre-meal Level Ice Cream
  22. Extrovert Tears (limited edition only)
  23. Crackered Nuts
  24. 360 Degree-meal Superpack

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