10 Really Short Stories I Will Write Over The Next 10 Day’s

In my Arabic course, one of my weekly assignments is to write a short story, 10 or more sentences, using the vocabulary I learned in class and using the grammatical forms I learned in class. As I always have trouble coming up with stories I decided to make a list of 10 topics that I can write a short story about and while including the proper grammatical forums. As I felt that this list would be making in value If I didn’t do something more I will be posting a story a day (in English based on the premise introduced in this list) on a side page so that something more comes out of this post.

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  1. Asking For Directions – An internal monolog of someone who is socially awkward
  2. The Perfect Place Setting – just what it sounds like
  3. How The Kids Play – Old people watching little people
  4. Planting Trees – About gardening
  5. Staying Hydrated – for a longer title it would be staying hydrated in times of crisis
  6. What I got myself into – Internal monolog of wannabe thrillseeker
  7. He Has A Driving Licence Still- about someone who crashes a lot
  8. Name a meal – not sure yet there’s a lyrical nature to it but the idea isn’t fully formed in my head
  9. A friendly conversation – I’ll be trying to convey atmosphere
  10. Lies – more internal monologing but if even one of them comes out as I imagine it they’ll be worth it.

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