Another 16 Unlikley Occurrences

After me talking about wanting to produce value yesterday I can’t seem to complete any of my lists, as my mind is always elsewhere when I start writing them. As such I will probably reuse previous list topics.

  1. People will put in the time to learn effective time management skills.
  2. There will be a large scale movement to regreen the forest sponsored by lumber companies who developed what is essentially GMO trees that grow incredibly quickly.
  3. More color names and distinction will be developed by English speakers and taught in school.
  4. New color distinctions will come and they will lead to a new wave of art playing on color.
  5. People who like {insert local popular music genre} will ever get tired of {all that} and search for music that is truly unfamiliar (doesn’t share style or uses different musical tropes)
  6. This post will be seen by more than 100 people (hell I’d be lucky if 50 people saw it)
  7. English ever becomes easier to learn.
  8. A Sci-Fi book accurately describes a future technology.
  9. People who decide to do something “sometime later” actually get it done to a satisfactory extent.
  10. Honesty in advertising ever applies to the flaws of the product being sold. (despite the fact that seeming honest can be a selling trait)
  11. There stops being so much sugar in everything.
  12. People create artificial coral reefs. For any reason. (if you know anything about the subject I would be happy to pitch my 2 cents even if it ends in you explaining to me how stupid my idea is. I’ve already put some thought into it but my understanding of coral reefs is insufficient.)
  13. Someone creates a course on how to use inspiration to actually get stuff done.
  14. A professional doctor or surgeon works for 5 years without making any professional mistakes (as in mistakes in the practice of their profession).
  15. The U.S government ever stops subsidizing corn. (corn is in many ways agricultural plastic off as it is so cheap, largely as a result of said subsidies, that people found ways to use it for nearly everything. Here are some examples note: there is little about corn starch specifically that makes it more useful than other vegetable starches {and fruit starches as corn is technical fruit} and many things extracted from corn can also be extracted from other plant life.)
  16. Underground apartment housing becomes both financially viable and sought after.

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