12 Ideas For Short Stories That Are From The Perspective Of A Child

I spent so much time today trying to write a short story I may as well write a related post.
Today’s short stories is actually a story and not a bad poem like yesterday’s regardless they both can be found here. If I decide that a tory a day will ever be a thing I’ll take a few from here.
Remember that tomorrow being Friday I will probably not post anything onto my blog.

  1. The Longest Night of The Year – imagination and a childlike mysticism
  2. Slaying The Tiger Of The Tall Bushes – This story will be told mostly from the perspective of the child imagination
  3. The Boy With Long Hair – children are mean sometimes
  4. The Evil Inhuman Masterminds – An innocent child imitating the less than good actions of surrounding adults
  5. The Magic Book Of Words And Numbers – The perspective character can’t yet read
  6. Sweet Foods – A child who didn’t get fed sweet foods when young and doesn’t really see the point
  7. Bigger Grown-ups – “Because I’m A Grown-Up Too”
  8. Nobody Listens – Learning It’s not all about you. No, Really It isn’t all about you…
  9. The Wrong Lessons – About war movies…
  10. Video Games Are For Kids – A kid want’s to play his parent’s game…
  11. Learning to write – so three dots are essentially a triple dot which means it super ends the sentence and all paragraphs should end with…
  12. Most Precious Rocks – emotional attachment to small seemingly worthless objects

I updated this one day in delay because WordPress was acting up and it wouldn’t allow me to upload this.

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