An Additional 12 Attempts To Write Wise Sounding Quotes

Sorry for not completing today’s short story we changed the clocks and the Sabbaths ended at 7:30. From now on I will post Friday morning instead of after the sabbath but I probably won’t be able to complete my attempts at short stories on the weekends.

  1. Try everything you can while you can. Whatever it is it won’t be possible in the future.
  2. We do things because they are scarce and we won’t be able to do them again. But do we ever think if we should do them at all?
  3. Everything is worth doing even negative experiences feed our understanding.
  4. Study and experience can advance us. But we already contain more information than we have the capacity to act upon. why should we burden ourselves with more temptations when we can instead find satisfaction in mastery?
  5. Do you desire the life of a scribe when you can instead have a typewriter?
  6. I would rather have a place in a society that needs me than feed off of one that doesn’t.
  7. You too can be a source of inspiration.
  8. A wise man doesn’t add soup to wine.
  9. Many fools chose to wallow in the world that failed them. Few try to change it.
  10. The revolutionary who survives a failed revolution won’t survive a successful one.
  11. Revolution is the brash man’s alternative to change.
  12. You’re using flower language as an alternative to actually making an argument.

    So are you.

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