24 Names For An Underground Human vs Animal Fighting Ring

It’s late and I’m tired okay? The names don’t want to make it obvious and all that.

  1. The Colosseum
  2. Crokodile Cage
  3. The Modern Darwinist
  4. The Indoor Wild
  5. Ceasar’s Judgment
  6. The Lions Graveyard
  7. Proof of Superiority
  8. The House Of The Living
  9. The Underdog’s Alehouse
  10. Faiths Provinground
  11. The Beggars Way Out
  12. The Bear Cave
  13. The Poison Jar
  14. Kingslayers Den
  15. Archeologists’ Dreamland
  16. The Reverse Pyramid
  17. Bigfoot’s Forest
  18. The THE – Tiger v Human Entertainment
  19. Hillside Fort
  20. Brittle Bone Bunker
  21. Middle Eastern Wheatfield
  22. Barbarian’s Court
  23. Last Chance Chamber
  24. The 13th Labour

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