20 More Made Up Song Names

I meant to write a longer post today but it ended up being so long I couldn’t get it done in the time I allocated for this so for now here’s a quicky.

  1. Forever Before
  2. I will leave you behind
  3. Don’t do it again!
  4. Color Names are dumb
  5. I can’t hold up the sky (but I’ll try)
  6. It will rain again
  7. The clouds will part (but not the same again)
  8. Great men hate me
  9. The Mailwoman
  10. It’s always night somewhere
  11. Why does that exist
  12. Don’t try too hard
  13. You are the best mother I ever had
  14. The sea is green, not blue
  15. You are oppressing me you bigot
  16. my battery’s at 6 percent
  17. You know better than this
  18. I’ve had better (but I still choose you)
  19. Don’t forget the keys
  20. Monochrome Circus

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