12 Highly Specific Courses That I Hope Don’t Actually Exist (or more accurately aren’t used as a guide)

  1. How To Hide A Fire In A Crowded Building
  2. Political Fear Mongering
  3. Making Not-Cocaine
  4. How To Hack Public Utilities Factories
  5. An Easy Guide To Getting Someone Doxxed
  6. How To Accept Bribes Without Actually Breaking The Law
  7. Never Seeing Her Again – How To Guarantee A One Night Stand
  8. How To Start A Cockroach Infestation – For really bad neighbors
  9. GPS Tracking Without Consent – For That Special Someone
  10. How To Artificailly Raise A Products Price (If you really want to just do it.)
  11. Avoiding Lawsuits – A Guide To Intimidation.
  12. Adding Failure Points – How To Sell A Product Twice

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