The Tomato List

A sequel to my long-forgotten Potato list.

True statement: Tomatoes are fruit not vegetables. At least for the sake of this post.

  1. While tomatoes are, by definition, fruit, there is a practical consideration we need to address when speaking of them.
  2. Both tomatoes and cucumbers are fruit; they don’t taste like fruit. So from now on, they will be vegetables.
  3. Can you really trust his judgment he claimed that Tomatoes are vegetables you can’t trust the judgment of a person who thinks that?
  4. Speaking of fruit, does anyone fancy a fresh tomato? They’re nice and sweet…
  5. As it is known to us, all tomatoes are fruit, anyone with a different stupid opinion is free to speak up (so that we can insult them for not knowing better)…
  6. Although tomatoes are fruit (being a seed baring part of the plant that is meant to be eaten), in cooking, we use them as we would use vegetables, so to avoid misunderstandings, I will call them as such.
  7. Calling a tomato a vegetable is not only the result of great misunderstanding but a purposeful lie.
  8. Without him, we wouldn’t know that tomatoes are fruit not vegetables, of course, we can trust him to know where to find clean water.
  9. Tomatoes are fruit not vegetables, only by the standards of Linguistic Prescriptivism in modern usage it doesn’t really matter.
  10. We can’t abandon tomatoes status as a fruit, as long as differentiating between fruits and vegetables is important to us.

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