10 Things I Can Do To Focus Better (or at least get less distracted)

I probably wrote something like this before but some of my habits have recently changed and I’ve been living in a state of constant distraction. I’ve realized many of my posts have gotten slightly worried so please tell me if there has been an effect on clarity or if you prefer the more condensed style.

  1. Write more with pen on paper – I need to put down my computer and put down all my bad ideas and my decent ideas and maybe some good ideas, my thought my feelings. I need to both get it out of my head and not worry about how it will look.
  2. Have a pre-writing routine – I’m thinking of light exercise to energize me or calm down my head, playing music may help me with the creative element, or yoga-like stuff so that I can start thinking about writing while putting myself into the right frame. The important bit is that whatever I choose I do it constantly.
  3. Meditate – doesn’t need to be something special, something along the lines of Headspace as it worked for me before. Ten minutes with myself not trying to do anything or change anything. I don’t give that enough value.
  4. Remember to breathe to drink water, and to relieve myself when necessary at least when I’m doing something that doesn’t require my undivided attention – I don’t breathe well sometimes and instead of paying attention to my needs sometimes I keep my mind fully occupied with whatever I can even if it requires attempting to multitask. If I’m constantly so occupied (especially when I’m not doing much) that I don’t take care of myself I won’t be able to sustain my focus when It matters as It will be the same as when I’m doing something else.
  5. When I’m hungry I should eat – No noshing or snacking or anything like that. When I feel the need to put food in my body I should eat something that will make me full.
  6. Reestablish my prayer routine – Before the social isolation I used to go to a shul have a nice habit that was slightly separate from home to start my day. It helped me frame the day as important and it gave me a few minutes of quiet on the way there and back. Since I’m in social isolation I should probably either go outside to find some fixed steps I can do to get myself into the right frame. Most importantly remember that my life matters 3 times a day.
  7. Exercise – I need to work off some restless energy, but If I’ll do it daily I’ll write first so that I can use the energy before completely expending it. I will still be less restless as I’ll be getting tired every day.
  8. Organize my sleep – Tiredness is always bad. and I’m out of excuses. I would work and focus better if my brain got enough rest.
  9. I should go to sleep instead of stoping my day – I’m in a state where instead of having pre-bed habits than going to sleep, I wait for myself to get tired then do what is necessary to get to bed than do stuff until it’s too late to stay up anymore. It’s okay for me to take some time to fall asleep I don’t need to wait till I’ll instantly crash.
  10. Not open anything that can distract me at the beginning of my day – Personally this becomes much easier if I followed the previous step. The reason for this is that I don’t want myself to be hooked on dopamine first thing in the morning if I start my day doing something easily mentally rewarding I’ll spend the whole day looking for a similar reward and not work towards something more impactful.

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