35 Posts I Could Make

I’m out of ideas so I’m brainstorming

  1. Writing a Scene In a Day – From brainstorming to editing
  2. Writing a song in a Day – etc
  3. 12 unusual exercises and activities that can have significant benefits – I should make this just so that I start doing some of these more consistently
  4. 12 ideas for innovations to the design of doors – at least make housebreakers Work for a living.
  5. 12 ideas for innovations to cabinets and dressers – If it ain’t broke we can still do something better.
  6. Filling in time – practicing writing non-stop for an hour
  7. Accidental brilliance – taking the best parts of a non-stop writing sessions and improving upon them to make something worth reading
  8. 10 Reasons you may be wrong – and I may be wrong about these too
  9. Learning how to edit a post in 10 minutes – my posts are daily so I often don’t edit them other than a quick check through grammar checker software. So here I present what I learned about editing and see what is most important and can be done quickly.
  10. 30 Images that can be on curtains – not that I have 30 things to put here but that is the purpose of these lists
  11. 30 Ways we can change our environment to make our daily routines easier.
  12. 10 Reasons we probably won’t
  13. 10 Ways picture frames can change our understanding of art
  14. 10 Reasons they often don’t
  15. Falling asleep versus going to sleep – actually reading the research + summary
  16. American and British English – Explaining the history of the differences between them
  17. 10 Reasons English is a hard language
  18. Trust – the keystones of all societies
  19. ies, u, ee, ough, – English is weird for historical reasons
  20. Reasons we let languages remain broken
  21. 10 Bits of common wisdom which are obviously fallacious
  22. Percival the mighty – an analogy for the way society expects it’s heroes to behave
  23. Explaining hero’s – why making ordinary people into heroes is both necessary and dangerous
  24. Invisible limits – some of what self-help gets right
  25. The fall of self-help – how to tell who’s trustworthy
  26. Easy answers to difficult questions – Learning to chose a side
  27. I can write forever – framing and why this list is longer than previous ones of the sort
  28. 12 More logical fallacies revealed – You know these fallacies you just don’t know that they appeared in these contexts
  29. What is necessary to write clearly – Reading through my posts and examining what I did and have not done in order to improve my future writing
  30. 10 Favorite posts from the first hundred
  31. 10 Favorite posts from 100-200 – I need a few day’s till I get there but I will
  32. Comfort vs health – examining when they come into conflict
  33. Why I should make some of my posts into videos – I’ll give the ideas the attention they deserve
  34. How to point out a fallacy without insulting someone – If this doesn’t work give up on that conversation. If you see people trying these on you realize you may not be accurately communicating your ideas
  35. Giving up on arguments – Choose your battles

this post being brainstorming I did not put any editing into it at all. If I act on any of these expect them to be slightly more polished

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