24 Funny Story Titles

Well, yesterday’s list didn’t help. I’ll see what I can do to keep this interesting. I do think I’ll be able to write something interesting tomorrow and I’ll try to keep it based more on ideas than opinions. I wanted to make this a post about comedy but I guess it’ll be more satirical. Regardless it is often observed that I find bizarre things funny and that I have a crappy sense of humor so I hope you find at least some of these funny. I promise To write one of these by next Saturday.

  1. How To Eat Chicken Eggs
  2. Fake Black Gold
  3. A Guide To Avoiding Lead Poisoning In Ancient Rome
  4. Moon Rock Resellers
  5. Pearly White Gates, But Is This My Heaven?
  6. The Man Who Tasted Everything
  7. My Completely Real Entirely Unedited Personal Life Story
  8. Love In A Hundred Words
  9. A Guide To Unnecessary Capitalization
  10. Lies About Lying
  11. One Hundred Logical Paradoxes Explained
  12. Discovering Every Truth
  13. 700-Year-Old Sage Advice
  14. Teaching Kids To Read
  15. Drugs, Music, And The Devine Dopamine Response
  16. Making Everything Funny
  17. Lettuce Ask You A Question
  18. Can A Boar Be Punny
  19. When An Author Is Out Of Ideas
  20. Writing half a post because Shabbat went out so goddam late but my Friday post was probably crap so I feel obliged to anyway.
  21. Keeping Things Professional – a Story For Kids
  22. Where Babies Come From
  23. Fill __________ In ___ Words ____________ but Understand __________ all will change when ______ wake up _________
  24. This Story Is Funny – Ha Ha HJA Ha HA AH HA AH HA HAAH HA

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