The Book Of Book Covers (and a crappy list)

I have had trouble coming up with topics for my daily posts. I haven’t written a good, by my own standards, creative idea post in the last 9 days.
And so I looked up creativity exercises thinking seeing if they could provide me with any inspiration or if there was anything which could help me write more. And on one site in a list (and you know how much I love lists), There was a suggestion of drawing an apple a day in a different style for a year. And so as the ideas stuck out to me, I decided to do something similar. Remembering my blog posts and the original purpose of the search and since I spend a lot of time reading books, I decided that my daily sketch will be a book cover with the title of the day’s post as the title.
Since I’ll be using this as a framing device to get me into a creative mindset, I will not spend more than 20 minutes per book cover as such this post (being the Sunday post I may establish a pattern here) will simply be a template because I currently suck at graphic design. Regardless promised a post every day (well 6 day’s a week) so enjoy.
(Here is the creativity exercises list)

I’ve spent hours today unfocused feeling lost and I don’t know why. There was a post I had wanted to write but I simply felt lazy, tired and I simply had no clue what to do. Well, confidence is key I’ll write it tomorrow I don’t need anything to start it’s a concept which should have fused cleanly into my blog. It could represent the best parts of it but well, if it doesn’t work out, I can write a second one. I’m not editing again either the previous paragraph or the following entry they shouldn’t be related. I won’t use physical or mental discomfort as an excuse, they wouldn’t hold water. I’ll simply hope that I’m not going insane and go on with the little life I have. I hope for direction but I need to make it myself. I need to actually focus on what I’m writing or I simply ramble on. but if there is anything here you enjoy, anything Specific please point it out. I want to know what I’ve done well and I want to know what ideas I had that I should put more work into. I am currently lost in my own head and want something… Stop complaining Ilan you have it good back to trying to make something.

13 Ideas For Globes Or Smaller Toy Balls (not even copy checking this just writing something)

  1. A continuous scene, something that can tell a long story if rotated at the right angle;
  2. A series of letters that will spell a word no matter which way the ball is rolled. – can be something like a magic eight ball
  3. Series of words that still spell out sentences no matter what how you spin the ball – Probably a lot of connector words and fluff but can be a fun toy.
  4. A mathematical statement generator that no matter what number you enter or what direction it is spun in the answer will always be prime – or for ease of use the number 3
  5. A reflective sphere that reflects different colors based on the angle. – just a big reflective marble
  6. Spherical magnifying glass
  7. It looks like it’s looking at you no matter which way you spin it
  8. “Get to know your friends as they answer the question rolled to them”
  9. Spherical compass to see if you’re currently on a slope
  10. Light distributor – sphere you put a candle or other light source into and it reflects it evenly, or for parties like a disco ball
  11. Mini sollar-system in a ball – definitely thought up off before but you can have this one custom made and even choose what collared sun and what the rotational arcs of the planets will be
  12. Cloud in a ball – shake it and see what shape it forms. for those to lazy to go outside or for when you disagree with the weather
  13. Touch surface etch and sketch
  14. Magnetic sand in a clear glass ball – comes with very powerful magnets
  15. A perfectly round rock – because these don’t exist in nature, I’m not sure how yet but someone would be able to sell these
I’m keeping it small because a few details are lacking
and I’m slightly embarrassed about the amount of time
It took me to do so little.
I’ll give myself 20 minutes in the future
(2/3 of an average post) as it took me
that much time to figure out some how to even do this.
Well, confidence is key.
Here is I learn graphic design
(Illustration I guess Gravit is illustration software)
over the course of X days for 20 minutes a day.
(well 40 I may watch the occasional tutorial)

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