10 Ideas For Improvements Regarding Doors

Not the list I wanted to make but not one I’ll be disappointed about getting wrong.

  1. An internal battery (and solar panels) with electrical locks so that someone doesn’t simply have to shut off(often via sabotage) the electricity to let themselves in
  2. Internal mirror setup for a rotating peephole – I know people use security cameras, or just look out their windows if there really worried but something normally happens before someone thinks of using additional security. In addition, people are often too lazy to walk over to the windows to check.
  3. A flap which closes the bottom of the door so that people can’t stick things through and to better insulate the house – These type of things can often be bought separately but you can design something for security or insulation which blends into the design of the door.
  4. Stick a chalkboard or something to it for that homely feeling
  5. A sound-making mechanism that makes an audible click when the door latches or locks.
  6. Hinge covers – for security
  7. Some drainage system in front of the door to prevent puddles at the entrance to a house and for the people who use too much water when washing their floors.
  8. A little plack reminding to clean the door handles (and how) – Unless we figure out how to make the door handles self-cleaning or have fingerprints show up on them so that is is obvious how dirty they are.
  9. For bedrooms, doors having a design with a left-handed door handle could be a nice touch which will help for selling them to 10% of the population.
  10. Having doorknobs in the center of the door or having a design where the door handles being electronic (or with a complex mechanism can be placed anywhere) can help with the left-handed doors.

I apologize if this list seems somewhat stupid or incoherent I’ve been suffering from eye pain and have a pretty bad migraine which is disrupting my focus

Well, not the fonts aren’t right, I should have done something more with the text, I haven’t lined things up properly it could use more detail and the texture is crap.
I think that it’s pretty good for 20 minutes as every element I mentioned I could improve if I had the time and it gets the idea across.
I should probably just sketch these out in pencil But having limited tools (that I know how to use) at my disposal actually helps me come up with an idea fast.

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