And Additional 24 Names For Paintings

Holiday starts in an hour (we don’t use computers on holiday) and the doctor recommended that I stay away from screens because my eye pain is more than likely from eye strain. All this is an excuse for not making a complete post today and for not having a picture to go along with this post (tragic I know). and so here’s a quicky.

  1. Blue Stars White Sky
  2. Lost In God’s Eye
  3. Brother Saying Goodbye
  4. Soldier On Standby
  5. Distant From Any Home
  6. Beautiful Hills Beside Rome
  7. Great Men Stand Alone
  8. Sketch Inside An Ancient Tome
  9. Hero’s Atonement
  10. Wife’s Adornments
  11. Husband’s Appointment
  12. Presidents Announcement
  13. Ruler’s Teaches Lesson
  14. Student Learns To Question
  15. Subjects Of Oppression
  16. Do Cause Moral Questions
  17. Great Revolution
  18. Second Revolution
  19. Third Revolution
  20. No True Revolution
  21. Revolving Token Heads
  22. Everyone Eat Sweetbreads
  23. Living On a Farmstead
  24. We All Still Bow Our Heads

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