10 Book Titles/Ideas Regarding Color

  1. Brown, Pink, and the history of Cyan. – How our language affects our understanding of color
  2. Color, Triangles and the rule of three – Trying to figure out why three is such a psychologically significant number
  3. Exploring Cultural Meaning Of Colors – how our culture filters our reaction to color
  4. Exploring Contrast – a picture book for aspiring artists
  5. Natural Saturation – The colors of natures creations
  6. Tasty Colors – Why some animals would be averse to eating food with bright coloring and why that is not the case for humans
  7. 20 More Color Names – And how learning these can enrich your sense of beauty
  8. Flower Colors – How to make a picture look natural
  9. Artists’ NIghtmare – a history of mixing paints. (toxic and otherwise)
  10. Rambow Glasses – How to use refracting light off of household objects to add beauty to any room. (that and for the mystical feel if your trying to scam people)
I spent more than 20 minute on this as it was originally meant to be something about shoes and then after playing with color and triangles for a while I lined a few things up spent 10 minutes futzing with the fonts (and yet I’m still not satisfied) and changed today’s subject to Color and Triangles because it’s something I connect with more.
(yes I know a triangle is missing in the picture I calculated how to shift the colors wrong and it ended up clashing way to much, especially because I didn’t give the circle the right radius. Next time I’ll do something of the sort I’ll plan it out better so that I don’t have to spend as much time futzing near the end)

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