10 Deep Thought “Quotation Marks”

I wanted to write something about deflation today but after reading more into depth about it, I realized my knowledge is lacking. So here is something that is meant to be funny. (my brother finds it slightly funny.)
This was originally meant to be something of a parody but I found myself hitting some good(?) points. We’ll see in the morning.

  1. Wouldn’t the average individual be unique? As he by being an amalgamation of all individuals is still different from all of them.
  2. People often seem to change with the intent to improve their behavior after experiencing life and death scenarios, but we are unwilling to test this by exposing people to staged life and death scenarios. Why are we willing to test the effects of possibly life-threatening drugs and physical treatments but are so unwilling to test our theories on the psychological effects of certain phenomena?
  3. Why did I feel smart asking the last question? was it because I spoke (it’s a figure of speech goddammit) in a way which is harder to understand?
  4. Did the cursing in writing feel cathartic or does me worrying about how my communication comes across make it not worth it? Does it actually help me communicate sincerely or is it just rude?
  5. Is using long words and more complex sentences to communicate with more specificity worthwhile? Does it actually take more effort to interpret less specific communications than it does to interpret and process less common language? (the more a thing is used the faster our brain gets at turning it into meaning)
  6. What makes a thought deep? Is the whole concept of Deep Thoughts simply a way to feel smug? or is there a less meta more wholesome use? Is meta funny at this point or has it so infiltrate internet culture that it is seen as low humor, as puns are often seen today.
    (I should have put a question mark there but it didn’t sound right the way I read it in my head)
  7. With what voice do you read this in your head, How different is our reading voice from our taking to ourselves voice? Do we think in the same voice as we read and what does that mean about how we process what we read?
  8. Should I, or anyone for that matter, spend time and effort attempting to create things for the amusement of others when I have the capacity and the ability to create things to their eventual benefit? Do we focus on entertaining others because we can see the effect? Because we know we’re making them feel better? Or is there something deeper…
  9. We can create things by processing what we know and putting things together? creation most often comes from either an attempt to solve a problem by using the information we have, be it relevant or by fusing supposedly differing concepts or the attempt to communicate something we feel is deep and important.
    Isn’t true originality only possible through misunderstandings of the world and mistakes we than build off of.
  10. Why do we mock errors in thinking and ambition? when we often believe that in order for great things to be achieved people have to fail and commit great errors? Shouldn’t we commend those who sacrifice their time, and their effort, their blood, and tears, often achieving nothing, because if nobody tried it would never be done? Because we need those willing to fail or convinced that they won’t because otherwise, we would have never achieved the impossible.

The picture thing will be for my weekday posts I’m not proficient in organizing my time around the weekends.
And yes. I did misuse quotation marks. It was on purpose. Sue me.

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