Be In Action

I tell myself. And so I give up on making every post perfect and instead just get to getting something down for today. I should not use indecisiveness as an excuse to not get stuff done and so here is today’s self-help and all that, list. Sorry if it isn’t relevant to you but these are necessary for me so that I can keep writing the posts you come here for.

  1. Write now edit later. – when I try to edit mid-post It ends up being too late and I end up being too tired when I’m done.
  2. Have a success schedule – would have already mastered the piano piece I’m learning (Solffegieto by C.P.E Bach if you’re interested) If I practiced it systematically than just trying to improve every time I feel like sitting down.
  3. Make today’s picture – I promise for the length of this week and I’ll see If I want to continue by the end of this week. For now, I need something to hold myself accountable and I should get back into the habit of completing things.
  4. One day book reviews – Again getting things done and completed. I’ll have one of these for you by the end of the week. But only one.
  5. Wake up at 8:30, pray, eat, walk the dog, exercise, piano, blog – Getting back to the basics start the day getting things done. something to work on, piano, something complete (hopefully), blog post.
  6. Done this is it for now – I said In Action but what I need is complete. Just one more thing.
  7. Reread my previous posts. Where am I not taking my own advice? Why do I need to rethink or renew any of my past ideas? I could make a whole post about this…
Possibly my worst one yet.
I had no clue what I wanted to do and didn’t bother trying to get close to a vision.
Played around for twenty-minutes learned to do a thing and this is what came out.

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