10 Concepts For Board Games

This is the third post I’m trying to write today. I’m thinking about these too much and then write something with minimal thought or effort. Today’s picture will have nothing to do with the post but even though I’m not proud of it I promised one a day so I’ll put it with the post. If any of my ideas on this list seem worthwhile to you feel free to steal them.

  1. Blockage – you play as plumbers who are trying to sabotage each other’s work in order to monopolize the best clients. The player with the best reputation by the end of the game wins.
  2. Escaping The Tower – every player is dealt a card with a victory condition (escape method) on it and start in the center of a snakes and ladders board. Players can move both ways. when a player achieves the condition written on his card he wins the game.
    – (only add a condition to a preexisting game thing I’m doing today. I promise.)
  3. Super-Scoop In Superland – Each player plays as a reporter in a city filled with superheroes. the players are dealt event heroes and headline cards in order to construct a scoop. Players then have the discover (by asking 1 yes or no question each in a clockwise pattern) if the scoop is real (uses cards that were dealt to the player) or fake and the player who guesses right most often wins.
  4. Spare Tires – a memory game. There are a number of cars (cards) in the middle of the board and event cards are read in turns. You can probably guess where this is going but if not they have to discover remember which cars need tire replacements and if other players already dealt with the problem.
  5. Character Flaws – Players are each assigned Character Flaws and have to complete tasks in the game as they go around the board every time a player does something that he couldn’t do because of his problem he loses that Character Flaw. The most flawed character by the end of the game wins
    – (I’m tired this is the third post and the first one got thrown away because I ended up writing gibberish so I)
  6. Turtle Race – the last player to get around the board wins. There are multiple ways in-game to slow players down and to limit their movement but if a player stops completely for any reason he loses.
  7. Desert Winds – Players have to manage resources to prepare for the winds. Each round only one player knows where the wind is going to come from. Players who prepared badly lose some of their production for the next round trading is necessary as each player has different resources and there are a few ways to resist each type of wind.
  8. Trade Deals – Similar to last time ever player only produces certain resources and every round there is a goal all players need to achieve. But all players know the goal the players Only produces one resource each. the main gimmick is any time two players trade they must make a deal with at least one other player to trade or provide a certain amount of their resource to that player every round.
  9. Trebuchets Are Better – players build small towers and take turns using different model siege equipment to try and destroy the other players’ tower. This would probably be a kids’ game unless also released on mobile.
  10. Privacy – Every turn they draw two cards discard 1 than must trade with every other player. Players who don’t want to trade simply give each other a card of their choice. The game continues till someone displays a set of 7 cards (with there being more than 7 cards of each set)
It’s something.

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